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Why Use A Hospital Style Bassinet?

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It's transparent so you can see baby at all times. Especially good if, like me, you keep the baby in the same room so you can lie there and watch them.

Peace Of Mind

Imagine arriving at home with your precious bundle of joy, confidently knowing you can provide the same safe and comfortable environment you left at the hospital.

Mums-to-be, you can forget worrying about how to keep your baby close to you. The hospital style bassinet has large wheels with brakes to provide a safe, secure, convenient, and totally mobile unit. This allows you to move freely throughout your home with baby at your side. The size of the bassinet makes it easy to have your newborn baby in your bedroom should you choose to do so. No more endless trips to the cot as the clear bassinet sides make it easy to check on your baby. All you need to do is lift your head off the pillow or have a look from the nursery room door and you’re back to sleep again.

Dads-to-be, there’s no need to search the house for baby-care gear when bub needs a change. It’s all able to be stored right there on the bassinet trays.

Our hospital style bassinet also provides unparalleled peace of mind for Parents-to-be. It can easily be set on an incline, which can help to reduce concerning conditions usually associated with babies lying on a flat mattress, such as reflux, choking, and blue babies. This feature makes the hospital style bassinet the safest option available for your precious bundle. After all, maternity wards choose them, so why shouldn’t you?

Convenience Abounds

A nursery on wheels for newborns is what the hospital style bassinet is all about. It serves as a bed, baby bath, and change table and is the perfect height so no bending is needed. The white trays underneath the bassinet enable you to keep nappies, wipes, and other baby comfort essentials close at hand. Best of all you don’t need to buy the hospital style bassinet, we have a very convenient and affordable hire plan.

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