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Hospital Style Bassinet Hire FAQ


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organise my hospital style bassinet hire for the right time when I don’t know exactly when my baby is going to arrive or when we may be going home?

If you are planning ahead and wanting to reserve a hospital style bassinet please just call me and I will make sure there is one available when your baby arrives. Flexibility is the name of the game at Coolbub Bassinets and we apply this aspect to both the beginning and end of your bassinet hire period. Simply put, you are never charged for hire time when you are not using the bassinet.

How can I make sure the bassinet will be there on the day the baby arrives home?

After you know approximately when you are going home, you can call me again with the good news and we will work out the best time to get the bassinet out to you. The only day I don’t do deliveries is on Sunday so if you are travelling home on the weekend you will need to take that into account. Should I need to deliver it on a Friday or Saturday so it can be there when you arrive, I never start your bassinet hire period until the following Monday.

My baby's here! Can I get the bassinet at short notice if I haven’t reserved one previously?

Yes. As mentioned above the only days I don’t do deliveries is on Sunday. If you are requiring the bassinet on the same day you call about it, I will do my best to get it to you. It may need to be an “after dinner” delivery but I’ve delivered many bassinets this way and am happy to do so.

How long should I book the bassinet for?

We have a minimum bassinet hire period of four weeks initially. Your hire term then changes to a weekly basis for as long as you need it. I will call you towards the end of your initial hire period and see how things are going. If you need the bassinet for longer at that point, you keep it and call me to arrange collection when you are finished. We always round the extra weeks hire charge to your advantage. As I said before, flexibility is the name of the game at Coolbub Bassinets.

What is included with the hospital style bassinet hire?

The bassinet comes as you see it in all my advertising. The mattress, two white trays, acrylic top, and stainless steel frame with rubber castor wheels are included in the package. There is no bedding however the mattress fits very nicely into a standard household pillowcase.

Do You Need A Second Bassinet?

We offer a second bassinet for only $50 for the initial 4 weeks.

Twins, a two-storey home, or a separate home office… Sometimes it’s just easier when there’s a second perfect place for your Cool Bub.

How long do most people use the bassinet?

It averages about 6 to 8 weeks. In the summer months people tend to use it for less time as babies tend not to be as swaddled and will bump their hands on the sides earlier than in winter when they are wrapped up more. The length of time your baby uses the bassinet will depend on their activity levels. What usually gets parents to transfer baby to a larger cot is when baby starts waking themselves up bumping their hands on the sides.

Can the bassinet be tilted like the hospital ones?

Yes, they are exactly the same, which is why we call them the hospital style bassinet. There are two tilt angles: one is used for clinical reflux issues and the other is gentler which helps keep fluids flowing the right direction but doesn’t cause a wriggly baby to slide down in the bassinet.

How and when do I pay for the bassinet hire?

Payment for the initial hire period is due when the bassinet is delivered and there are four avenues you can use to pay us. Cash, Cheque, Credit/debit card, or I can leave bank account details with you and you can make a bank transfer into our account.

What about paying for the extended bassinet hire after the initial hire period?

When you are finished with the bassinet we work out what amount is owing and I collect payment when I pick up the bassinet by one of the first three avenues listed above.

What are the dimensions of the bassinet?

  • Overall Length: 83cm
  • Overall Width: 53cm
  • Height Of Mattress: 77cm
  • Height (Bassinet Flat): 100cm
  • Height (Clear Insert Only): 30cm/18cm
  • Mattress Length: 67cm
  • Mattress Width: 31cm
  • Mattress Thickness: 5cm

How do I return the bassinet once my baby has out grown it?

It’s simple, you just give as a call and let us know when the bassinet will be ready. We will then arrange a day and time that suits and we’ll pick up the bassinet for you. No need to lug it around trying to get it back to us!

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