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About CoolBub Bassinets

Hospital safety in the comfort of your very own home... Now That's Cool!!

G’day, my name is Steve. CoolBub Bassinets is a family owned business operated by me and my wife, Narelle. We provide a Brisbane based specialty hire service focused on one great product… The Hospital Style Bassinet.


The CoolBub Bassinets mission is to provide a service for you and your baby that brings the safety and security of the maternity ward to the comfort of your home, in a seamless transition. We believe that the hospital style bassinet provides just that.


We are pleased and proud to be able to report 100% customer satisfaction. No one ever tells us, “Well we really didn’t need it, but thanks anyway.” The relief we have seen on the faces of some parents when we arrive at their door with a hospital style bassinet is almost palpable. The mums and dads that we speak to when retrieving the bassinets are just so happy to have used the service and really show their appreciation.


As your personal “Bassinet Man”, I believe there is no better investment for the safety and security of your baby and no greater convenience than the The CoolBub Bassinets service. However, as a dear friend has said, “self-praise is no recommendation!” So please read what our customers say and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you!

Mums Say... "It's A Godsend!"

From The Mouths Of Babies' Mothers