The hospital style bassinet that was provided by CoolBub Bassinets made those first few difficult weeks so much more manageable right from our first night home from hospital when we were able to have Beau sleep right next to us in our room. We could see his little face through the clear capsule and it just put our mind at ease.

We wanted to be able to put Beau to sleep in his own bed so he didn’t get used to falling asleep in our arms. The bassinet made it easier as we didn’t have to stand there in his room rocking and patting, but were able to wheel him anywhere in the house to do it. We rocked his bassinet while sitting on the lounge and at the dining table. He was also wheeled into the kitchen and kept an eye on while Mum was preparing dinner. It was great and very convenient to have wraps, nappies, wipes, etc always within reach as we stored them on the shelving underneath.

We would highly recommend the bassinet to all new parents to help relieve stress in those early weeks, as it helped us.

Thank you CoolBub!

David, Beth, and Beau.