Dear Steve,

Firstly I want to thank you for being in business! No where else in Brisbane could I find the hospital style bassinets that you hire.

Even though I’m a third time mum with Liam, the sturdiness and security of the bassinet made me feel much more comfortable in general, especially tilting it, as I knew he wouldn’t just fall out which is a real fear with other bassinets. They are also the perfect height and the awesome wheels roll easily on any surface!

I also can’t thank you enough for the half price hire of a second hospital style bassinet. I have a two storey house, and with my home office downstairs, having two bassinets meant I didn’t have to shut down my business. I stocked up the trays underneath both bassinets with all the essentials so all I needed to take with me was him!

Liam was a 9 lb baby but he surprisingly fitted in the bassinets until he was 3 months old. And now that he doesn’t fit anymore, I conveniently organised the pick up of the bassinets with a guarantee of hiring them for my next child.

Thanks and best wishes,
Nicole & Baby Liam