Below are the top 5 responses we’ve been given as to the benefits of hiring the hospital style bassinet.

  1. “The bassinet transitions perfectly from the hospital. Most of the maternity units use something similar, so baby is already used to the feel of the bassinet.”
  2. “It’s a one stop shop which is really important for the first few months until you get into a routine. It means everything you need is at hand.” Another mother similarly said, “I call it my Mobile Nursery”.
  3. “It’s transparent so you can see baby at all times. Especially good if, like me, you keep the baby in the same room so you can lie there and watch them.”
  4. “Being able to elevate one end means their head can be raised if they are unwell, or if you just want to give the baby a better view.”
  5. “Our home is tiny (smaller than a unit), and this thing went anywhere, not cumbersome or difficult even though I had a c-section. It went everywhere it needed to, even the laundry and bathroom.”

Other Statements From Happy Customers:

“I am a practical person but I wanted the best for my baby. I couldn’t have had a more practical, useful, convenient item and the hire plan was perfect for our situation. ”

“I once had a blue baby experience and when I found out the Hospital Style Bassinets were available and tilted like in the maternity ward, I wouldn’t be without it.”

“We bought a frilly bassinet first but when we got her home, she didn’t want to have a thing to do with it. She rests so much better in the incline position of our hired bassinet.”